A revolutionary AI technology.

We empower camera devices to understand their surroundings better than ever before using AI. Available on the Edge and in the Cloud.

See what you can't.

We believe that to fully understand monitored space, we need to develop three-dimensional awareness of the environment.

Our solution uses one camera with one lens to understand the 3D space. We can accurately measure objects, their relative position, and the distance between an object and other objects in the area.

On top of that, we are creating a digital replica of the observed area to gain valuable information that can validate data acquired by image analysis.

With a better understanding of three-dimensional space, we can solve partial or total occlusion problems, which significantly affect the performance of traditional solutions. 

Edge AI

teye Dome Camera with built-in AI accelerator.

Immense power packed small

Seeing farther and understanding more than any traditional surveillance camera.


Deployed in your local network, accessed globally.

Works with any camera

Extend the capability of existing cameras.

Coming Soon.