Edge AI

teye Dome Camera with built-in AI accelerator.

Immense power packed small

Seeing farther and understanding more than any traditional surveillance camera.

See farther, understand more.

We use powerful onboard image processing, therefore we can use large image sensors and handle image sizes that are multiple times larger than used in traditional surveillance cameras. This allows us to see much farther and capture more details.

Being able to see farther means more useful data and fewer cameras per location.

Artificial Intelligence
reduces unnoticed incidents.

Thanks to our state of the art software, we can significantly reduce unnoticed incidents, improve safety and reduce the cost of securing locations. But that’s not all, our system can be customized so it can understand your location and things that matter to you.

Securing Location Cost


Extremely Low

Easy to setup, easy to use.

Eliminates all infrastructure components such as NVR and VMS. The footage is analyzed and stored on the camera. This makes us much more efficient than traditional solutions.

Access the footage only when you need it and save on bandwidth.

Supports thousands of cameras
across unlimited locations.

The real value comes from the fact that they all seamlessly work together and share the data they collect in real-time to provide you with maximum security and efficacy.

Be notified about incidents as they happen.

Our software automatically detects incidents as they happen. Imagine our surveillance system as a hybrid of video surveillance and alarm system, but using cameras with Sound Recognition and Computer Vision only. We call this active video surveillance. You can even setup your own criteria for alerts.

Meet Hybrid-Video.

Every time Artificial Intelligence detects something interesting in a frame, that detail is captured in super-high-resolution allowing it to be thoroughly analyzed and allowing you to better understand the scene. Along with the captured 4K footage, we will provide you with additional images in high resolution of specific objects which will allow you to see details such as license plates or faces otherwise not sharp enough to be visible.


Move the bar to see the difference

Traditional Camera

teye Camera

Perfectly exposed and sharp videos.

Using computational photography* and Computer Vision with our next-gen algorithms, our camera automatically adjusts to different environments and captures sharp and perfectly exposed images in any given situation. Compared to traditional surveillance cameras, we can even understand colors in low light situations. No more guessing in the dark with blurred and noisy videos.

* Computational photography is the use of computer processing capabilities in cameras to produce an enhanced image beyond what the lens and sensor pics up in a single shot.

Lightning fast search.

Use filters to search recorded footage for people, clothes, vehicles, sounds and more. Search one, or all cameras in your network.

Review a whole day in seconds.

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, our software is able to automatically analyze and index the captured footage, understanding what matters to you. Artificial Intelligence will do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Privacy is built in.

Turn on our footage redaction feature and never worry about sensitive information leaving the camera. Redaction is happening on the camera as soon as the image sensor construct an image. This feature is unique to us.

We use video encryption that is protecting your content from unauthorized viewing locally and in the cloud.


Traditional Camerateye Camera
Effective Distance25m100m
Artificial IntelligenceNoYes (Edge AI)
Requires NVR or DVRYesNo
Video RecordingFull HD (2MP)Hybrid Video (up to 48MP)
StorageDVR, NVR or CloudOn-Device & Cloud
Computational PhotographyNoAdvanced
Push NotificationsNoYes
Access on all platformsNoYes
Smart Video IndexingNoYes
ConectivityEthernetEthernet, 5G
GDPR CompliantNoYes


  • Dome camera
  • Hybrid Video (up to 48MP)
  • Powerful AI performance built-in (Edge AI)
  • On-device video storage
  • Computational photography
  • Night vision
  • Plug and play
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Self detecting camera failure
  • Automatically detects video and audio incidents in real-time
  • Smart indexing which enables for quick search of past events
  • Web based platform accessible from any device
  • Easy footage sharing
  • Customizable alerts and notifications
  • 5 years warranty

Camera Pricing

Pricing includes hardware and cloud license

Cloud License

One license per camera

$199 per year

teye Camera

48MP with Edge AI | 60 Days of Onboard Retention


Total Cost

Includes hardware and license



We sell through trusted partners, who can also provide installation and other services.